About the Mäder Group :

Cohesion, group work and a discussion at every level. No a priori or prejudices: it is what allows us to take the lead and to innovate.

Employé chez Mäder

Innovation for composites

With the support of its internal laboratories (6 dedicated R&D laboratories, one analysis laboratory), by setting up Research and Development with top-rank European structures (universities, companies, etc.) and by taking an active part, via its French innovation unit, in competitiveness cluster projects, the Mäder Group is constantly developing new products and services in the field of composites, satisfying the requirements of market players from both a technical and environmental standpoint.

Innovation exists and is evidenced in each of the three major composites products families through concrete achievements :

Resins and gel coats

NUVOGARD NUVOGARD This mineral resin, named NUVOGARD, is made of two components. (...) Read more

Finished-product composites

Pièce technique M0 en béton polymère Technical M0 part in polymer concrete The innovation unit of the MÄDER COMPOSITES FRANCE post (...) Read more

Special composite coatings

DOPA 1 DOPA 1 Today, one of the technical systems developed and patented by ADISA is (...) Read more

More about Mäder :

  • over 10 % of total sales is devoted to R&D
  • more than 100 people devoted to Research, around 16% of its headcount
  • 8 paint development laboratories
  • 4 resin and composites development laboratories (3 in Switzerland, 1 in France).
  • the setup of partnerships with the French national research agency, the CNRS, on fundamental research subjects.