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Composites and respect for the environment

The MÄDER Composites sector works with awareness on the protection of nature and the people using its systems. The notions of eco-design and the protection of individuals are not pious vows but are reflected in concrete action.

  • Reduction of pollution and waste discharged by production sites

    MÄDER Composites sites have ISO 14001 certification. A particular concern in terms of protection of the environment and workers has been integrated into production processes. For example, at our resins production site in Switzerland, we systematically recover and burn distillation water. Moreover, the recovery of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) and their transformation into energy has been made possible by the installation of heavy equipment.

  • Products manufactured with respect for human beings and the environment

    The MÄDER Composites sector, in a proactive approach, has always sought to take to market products that respect the environment and the health of the people working with them. The regulatory framework established by REACH reinforces MÄDER Composites wish to become involved in this approach further upstream.

    MÄDER Composites is now working on the implementation and integration of bio-sourced raw materials into the manufacture of its resins and composites finished products.

    It constantly works on improving the formulation of its resins, notably to reduce the portion of CMR (Carcinogenic, Mutagenic or Toxic to Reproduction) products that they might contain. In this respect, MÄDER Composites proposes high added-value ranges of resins without halogen or antimony.

    Finally, MÄDER is working on a project to reduce the quantity of styrene present in resins and therefore the quantity of VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds). Moreover, it is working well upstream on the recyclability of its products. Mineral resins and finished products made of polymer concrete are completely innocuous for human beings and the environment and are 100% recyclable.

  • Products favourable to protection of the environment and individuals

    The manufacture of fully waterproof products and the renovation of watertight seal systems in favour of the protection of water and the environment.

    Example 1 : Polymer concrete used for the manufacture of special pieces for drainage systems
    – reservoirs / oval drains / channels / technical gutters.

    Example 2 : Watertight seal renovation and protection system based on epoxy and polyurethane resins
    - DOPA 1 : renovation of underground tanks that may contain chemicals and oil products by the implementation of an approved double-skin lining system
    - Adalastic : a flexible polyurethane resin coating to waterproof concrete surfaces