About the Mäder Group

Grasping the needs of every customer and the particularities of each specific case. Then defining a relevant, tailored solution together.
A requirement for quality and innovation. Transparency with respect to the customer. Recognised expertise and experience in each of the sectors in which we work.

Employé de Mäder

Our services

MÄDER COMPOSITES provides services associated with its products :

Support for application and customisation technicians with the implementation of resins and composites systems

Transformer and implementation of resins

Our teams provide support for application technicians with the implementation of resins and composites systems to make an accurate response to the constraints and often high technical requirements for which our resins and composites systems are perfectly suitable.

Our engineers and technicians work to support and closely cooperate with our sales teams to answer your questions quickly and accurately.

This support and the adaptability of our resins to numerous implementation processes (impregnation, infusion, RTM, SMC/BMC, etc…) are undeniable plus points for high-quality work.

Technical assistance for the choice of materials

Technical assistance Mäder

MÄDER Composites develops and manufactures a wide range of resins and materials. Our resins and materials fulfil numerous functions (watertight seal, decoration, fireproofing, low smoke emission, insulation, conductivity, etc.)

To help you make the best choice of material to use, the technical knowledge of our teams, coupled with our characterisation capabilities (laboratories, etc.) will enable you to find the best solution for your requirement.


Design composite

MÄDER composites develops a range of Polymer Concrete products, materials and resins, in line with market requirements and trends for sectors of activity with a strong modern Design connotation (Architecture, interior decoration, urban development).

By using the feedback from our commercial teams and analysing trend books, we are constantly developing new materials (flexible concrete, aluminium-effect concrete, etc.).

Moreover, Design is an essential function for composites. This is why we make sure that our composites systems enable pieces to be generated in 2D and 3D.

Laboratory pre-testing

Pre-testing laboratories

To qualify and characterise a product, material or resin, our MÄDER laboratories enable preliminary tests to be conducted on a number of subjects (abrasion, fire/smoke resistance, etc.) thus enabling the materials, products and resins in question to be assessed before they are sent to an official laboratory and their conformity with a reference base or standard, etc. verified.