A company with high values

From the start, the Mäder Group has been a tremendous economic and human venture, undertaken day after day by employees pursuing common objectives:

  • Satisfaction of customers through innovative solutions
  • Support of customers in their international development
  • Consolidate the Group as a major international player on the paint and high-technology composites market.

The group has been able to meet many challenges!

Corinne Molina

Until 1996, the Mäder Group had only 80 employees located in the North of France. The current headcount is 800 in several different countries. Development has not stopped there as the Mäder Group intends to double in size in the next five years.

We form a tremendous team, whose motivation is based both on commitment to our strategy and a constant balance between the financial and human aspects of the Group’s philosophy.

Corinne Molina

The Mäder Group takes care to foster and develop the following within its team :

  • Communication and trust
  • Innovation, risk-taking and mutual learning
  • Cooperation, solidarity and knowledge.

At the same time, supported by its fundamental values :

Respect for people

The men and women of the workforce are the Group’s most valuable resource. Each employee must feel this to be the case and that it is of personal concern in all circumstances.

Recognition and diversity

Respect for different personalities, cultures and approaches, the ability to act fast and the wise use of limited manoeuvring space are all ways of expressing this value. Equality and fairness for the workforce is a priority.

A spirit of service

Customer satisfaction is at the core of the strategy. It concerns the Group’s partners as well as the Group’s technical and support processes.


A team with combined and individual competence is vital if we are to pursue the development of the Mäder Group: the Group therefore seeks to continuously improve the management of skills in all of its entities: certified ISO 9001 and 14001, by means of the recruitment, appraisal and improvement processes for all categories of personnel.

Team spirit

For the Mäder Group, this means a common international spirit, but at the same time respecting the attachment of employees to their local work environment.