Mäder it's all about :

10% of Turnover for the Research and Development


R&D at the core of our Group

Research and Development and innovation are key factors in the positioning of the Mäder Group.

Mäder devotes 10% of its turnover to R&D activities and focuses on highly technical market segments. These segments have high entry barriers and call for constant technological advancement and a response to the ever-growing environmental constraints.

Thanks to its innovation, high-quality products and high level of service, the Mäder Group now occupies a strong position on all its highly diversified customer markets.

Mäder companies have always been able to stay ahead in the field of innovation and high technology. Very early on, the Group focused on the development of innovative, environment-friendly solutions.

  • In the Seventies, Mäder designed the very first water-based industrial paint. A considerable leap forward in respect for the environment and health.
  • In the Nineties, the Group further improved this solution with the launch of two components, water-based polyurethane paint.
  • In the Noughties, the quality of soft-touch paint gradually made its mark on the industrial paint sector. Mäder therefore decided to develop a soft-touch range of paint, initially solvent-based and then water-soluble.
  • Currently, together with the CNRS and its fundamental chemistry research centre, Mäder is continuing its breakthrough into all sectors :
    - Solvent-free, UV cross-linked paint using innovative photocurable systems.
    - Protective film with anti-graffiti/scratchproof properties, etc.
    - Composite materials with unsurpassed "fire/smoke" resistance.

We are already working on coatings of the future that will be even more efficient and environmentally-friendly.

The role of Design has gradually taken on importance at Mäder. At the centre of the innovation process, the Designer enables creative synthesis to be developed between R&D and Marketing.

At Mäder: 10% of turnover is devoted to R&D.