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Cares about nature

Protection of the environment – one of our core concerns for the past 20 years.

Twenty years ago, Mäder was already a precursor in the design and use of water-based paint for the railways sector. This water-based rather than solvent-based paint minimises the VOCs emissions into the atmosphere.

Since then, the Group has constantly developed new forms of technology that respect both nature and man. Today, Mäder is still a pioneer in the protection of the environment, due to its technological breakthroughs in several fields, including VOC-free UV varnishes.


Act on every scale at all levels

  • Design environment-friendly, recyclable products, totally harmless to man.
  • Reduce production-related energy costs, use bio-sourced, non-hazardous materials and recycle production site waste to create new energy.
  • Propose pertinent solutions to environmental issues: protection of water and reservoirs and waterproof coatings.
  • Maintain a consistent policy within the Group : from strict compliance with environmental standards on the various sites to policies to develop the awareness of employees to the carbon footprint.
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