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Certification ISO 1401 Certification ISO 1401

Solutions for railways

For years, Mäder Group companies have produced paint to protect and decorate railways vehicles. As world leader for railways paint, the Mäder Group has a wide range of solutions :

  • Passenger carriage interiors : Decoration solutions for passenger carriage interiors
  • Bogies and Axles : Anti-corrosion and mechanical protection technology
  • Resins and gelcoats for Composites : Innovative technology combining efficient Fire/Smoke performance with ease of implementation
  • Anti-graffiti solutions : Solutions for cleaning off and protecting against graffiti
  • Wagon construction : solutions to protect goods wagons
  • Technical products for structures : Technical products tailored to the basic protection of body structures and specific protection applications
  • Cleaning and preparation of surfaces : Surface cleaning and preparation solutions
  • Services : Services linked to painting activities