About the Mäder Group :

Relationships with teams, both in the office and in the field. The efforts made by personnel to achieve a common objective.
Synergy between teams and sites is a component part of the Group’s history. And of its convictions.

Employée de Mäder

Our services

Mäder expertise

Technical services

You have needs and requirements and, to satisfy them, we call on the services of all MÄDER teams.

  • Definition of your need – we help you develop accurate, complete specifications of your needs and the solutions to meet them.
  • Technical assistance – we advise you on the choice of material according the installation specifications.
  • Audit and recommendations – we conduct a complete audit for you and propose a clear, exhaustive progress plan.
  • Cost control – we calculate the performance, cost per square metre and help you optimise your stocks by drafting logistics specifications.
  • Execution of industrial tests – our technicians listen to your requirements and will conduct tests on your installation or on pilots to ensure you of the best result for the paint system proposed.
  • Environmental assessment – our Health and Safety specialists will call on you to make a full assessment and advise you on the evolution of environmental standards.

Significant experience in design

At the centre of the innovation process, the Designer enables creative synthesis to be developed between R&D and Marketing. The experience of Mäder Group teams specialising in design is available to you.

Approved, tailor-made training

Certified Training Mäder

We propose specially adapted internal or external approved training to train your staff in application techniques and resources.

(The cost of this training can be deducted from your professional training or Individual Training Entitlement budgets)

Training organism and Authorisation N° :
Postal Address : ZI n°1 route de Crulai - 61300 L'AIGLE
Activity declaration : 25 61 0077661
Attributed on 26/11/2009