Cosmetic plastic packaging

Plastic is essential in cosmetic packaging as it can provide a very high level of design, functionalities and quality. Shapes can be molded to match with the imagination of designers, while their colors & effects can be customized infinitely.
MÄDER has developed best-in-class expertise in coatings for plastic substrates.

Our products beautify plastic bottles, jars, caps & collars for fragrance, plastic caps & compacts for make-up, as well as lipstick packaging. MÄDER coating systems comply with
the requirements of the most demanding cosmetics, perfume and personal care brands. And they can be tailored-made to nearly every desire.

Our product range for Cosmetic Plastic Packaging

  • Single and two-component technologies for monocoats, basecoats and clearcoats
  • Primers
  • Pigment and color bases
  • Glossy and matt varnishes
  • Solvent and waterbased UV primers and varnishes

Cosmetic flexible tubes

Flexible tubes offer advanced customer experience thanks to their maneuverability. And at the same time, they provide brands with ample 360-degree room to display information & decoration. Unsurprisingly, tube is one of the most popular packaging format in the cosmetic, personal care and beauty segments.

MÄDER offers innovative coatings for flexible plastic tubes. Our systems can be adapted to match the most stringent requirements on both visual and functional levels. This means that MÄDER can provide the appropriate matt (or glossy) varnish to complete any brand’s desired look!

Our product range for Cosmetic Flexible Tubes

  • Very high solid content UV varnishes
  • Gloss, semi-gloss and matt finishes
  • Superior abrasion resistance systems
  • Post-decoration possibilities (silk-screen inks and hot stamping)

Cosmetic & beverage glass packaging

As it can be molded and decorated in nearly unlimited ways, glass has for long inspired beauty brands and package designers. Together with shapes, colors contribute to make glass products more beautiful and decorative.

As a glass coating supplier, MÄDER is dedicated to bring innovative decorating techniques to transform this ancient material. In the end, MÄDER aims to inspire & influence designers and glass packaging companies. Our product range for glass substrates covers perfume bottles & jars as well as beverage bottles.

Our product range for Cosmetic & Beverage Glass Packaging

  • Single-component low-temperature technology
  • Primers
  • Pigment and color bases
  • Glossy and matt varnishes
  • Solvent and waterbased UV primers and varnishes
  • PVD coatings for glass substrates

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