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Gas & Oil

Mäder offer coating solutions for new pipelines, refurbishment, anticorrosion protection or interior coatings, onshore or offshore… and for storage tanks, buried or aerial


Mäder solutions include coatings for water pipelines, tanks and accessories with health & safety certifications such as W270/W348 (Germany), WRAS (UK), ACS (France).

Our Coating systems for Pipelines & Storage

  • Wide range of technology for liquid and powder coatings (Epoxy, PU, Bituminous...)
  • Compatible with the fluids transported: contact with drinking water, waste water, gas, hydrocarbons, bio-fuels…
  • High anti-corrosion resistance


Mäder offer high performance coatings for energy production equipment, as well as associated equipment & accessories (pumps, valves, fittings).

Our Coating systems for Energy

  • High performance coatings for various applications in the Energy sector: corrosion protection, oil and weather resistance…
  • OEMs certifications for Wind turbines
  • Available in mono and bi-components, in waterborne, solventborne and high-solid systems
  • Suitable for conventional application as well as dipping


Mäder develops high value-added products for the windcraft sector, particularly for the protection of nacelles. The solutions offered are characterised by ease of use and excellent fire/smoke protection.

Our Composites Systems for Windcraft

  • Fire/smoke topcoats for interior fire protection in nacelles
  • Easy to apply by spray or brush
  • Available in various colours

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