Our application

Surface preparations

Through the alliance of its knowhow in coatings and the ones of a partner specialised in surface treatment, Mäder proposes a wide range of solutions for cleaning and surface preparation.

The knowledge of these environmental friendly technologies enables the Mäder Group to propose you global process solutions going from the raw part to the painted part.

Reducing your waste coming from processes before welding, cleaning of spraying means, ...it is now possible with our technologies !

Our product range for Surface preparations 

  • Cleaner
  • Adhesion promoter

Technical products for carbodies

The Mäder Group proposes a wide range of technical products meeting requirements of basic carbodies structures protection but also of specific protections.

The temporary protection of steel plates or sub assemblies, the protection of closed boxes or structure in steel or aluminum alloys, the detection of electric flashes, the protection of areas under pantografs or toilet blocks, ... are all problems for which the Mäder Group can provide solutions adapted to your requirements.

Our product range for Technical products for carbodies

  • Carbodies structures protection
  • Specific protections (corrosion resistance, stone-chip resistance)
  • Detection of axle heating points


With a strong experience in the Rail industry, the Mäder Group protect the underframes of train.

Our performance coatings offer long lasting protection against corrosion and other aggressive operation conditions.

Our product range for Underframe

  • Waterborne coatings
  • Solventborne coatings
  • Singlelayer High Solid Content coatings
  • Singlelayer waterborne coatings
  • Anti-ballast performance

Bogie & Axle

The Mäder Group has developed systems for protection of bogies which exhibit high resistance to atmospheric and stress corrosion, and a good behaviour to stone shipping.

The Mäder Group also proposes systems for axle protection, meeting requirements of the EN 13-260 and EN 13-261 European standards.

These systems are completed with a perfectly compatible range of ecological products for degreasing and magnetoscopic control.

Our product range for Bogie & Axle 

  • Waterborne coatings
  • Solventborne coatings
  • Degreaser
  • Singlelayer coatings
  • Magnetoscopic control

Passenger train interiors

The Mäder Group proposes a wide range of solutions for decoration of passenger train interiors meeting requirements of different types of rolling stocks.

From protection against vandalism for urban trains to innovative design for High Speed Trains, Mâder provides its own solutions in several technologies

Our product range for Passenger train interiors

  • Waterborne coatings
  • Solventborne coatings
  • Coloured gelcoats
  • Anti-graffiti solutions

Passenger train exteriors

The Mäder Group has developed a large variety of systems for protection and decoration of passenger trains: High Speed Trains, Main Lines, Intercity, Suburban Trains, Metros, Light Rail.

These waterborne or conventional systems have been used for many years, on rolling stocks operating all over the world, from St. Petersburg to Dubai.

Our product range for Passenger train exteriors

Lateral walls

  • Waterborne coatings
  • Solventborne coatings
  • Putties (Epoxy and Polyester)
  • Anti-graffiti solutions


  • Waterborne coatings
  • Solventborne coatings
  • Singlelayer High Solid Content coatings

Freight wagons

For more than 30 years, the Mäder Group has proposed solutions for protection of goods wagons at the building or refurbishing stage.

These waterborne or conventional solutions stretch from basic protection of goods wagons to specific protection of wagons for operation in corrosive atmospheres.

Our product range for Goods wagons

  • Waterborne coatings
  • Solventborne coatings

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