A dedicated

Stimulating creativity, supporting inspiration, advising, formulating, iterating and refining developments for our customers' projects are the key objectives of the MÄDER DesignLab.

Located in Voisins-le-Bretonneux, our design center consists of a color laboratory and a showroom with a rich bank of looks and colors from hundreds of samples.

We welcome Color & Material designers looking for new ideas to develop the colors of tomorrow!

Colors, Materials
& Finishes

The MÄDER DesignLab combines creativity and technical know-how, developing innovative optical and haptic effects that correspond to their trend and product brief, for Series and Concepts.

A customized service that transforms coatings and their applications into unique sales offers!

A multisensory approach to colors & effects technologies

  • Metallic, pearlescent, iridescent, interference
  • Soft-touch, ceramic-touch and specific textures
  • Opaque, translucent and transparent
  • Matt, satin or glossy

In line with diverse substrates, application processes or finishing technologies.

A Collaborative

Every year, the MÄDER DesignLab reinvents the concept of the collection, proposing "new recipes" and preparing "in the kitchen" the innovations of tomorrow: future paint trends, in terms of Colour & Material Design (colours, effects, finishes and graphics), Technological Innovation (qualities, formulations, application processes), Commercial Approach (performance, economic gain, etc.). The processes are experimental, the results are industrially transferable. The processes are experimental, but the results can be applied industrially.

Let's get inspired!

The term KITCHEN means that the work on the material counts as much as the final result. Going WORKSHOP MODE means thinking about paint out of the pot, taking inspiration from DIY and Art to create new effects... And once again demonstrating our ability to take creative risks!

Each collection has its own identity! The MÄDER'S KITCHEN COLLECTION is a cool interlude in the cycle of collections, with eco-responsible delivery (FSC 70% recycled cardboard - 100% recyclable, paper from sustainable forests, 75% recycled foam - 100% recyclable) and the warm, organic sound of vinyl, mixed by Soulshine Session!

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