A dedicated

Stimulating creativity, supporting inspiration, advising, formulating, iterating and refining developments for our customers' projects are the key objectives of the MÄDER DesignLab.

Located in Voisins-le-Bretonneux, our design center consists of a color laboratory and a showroom with a rich bank of looks and colors from hundreds of samples.

We welcome Color & Material designers looking for new ideas to develop the colors of tomorrow!

Colors, Materials
& Finishes

The MÄDER DesignLab combines creativity and technical know-how, developing innovative optical and haptic effects that correspond to their trend and product brief, for Series and Concepts.

A customized service that transforms coatings and their applications into unique sales offers!

A multisensory approach to colors & effects technologies

  • Metallic, pearlescent, iridescent, interference
  • Soft-touch, ceramic-touch and specific textures
  • Opaque, translucent and transparent
  • Matt, satin or glossy

In line with diverse substrates, application processes or finishing technologies.

A Collaborative

Every year the MÄDER DesignLab produces a Collection that reflects future paint trends in terms of Color & Material Design (colors, effects, finishes and graphics), Technological Innovation (quality, formulation, application process) as well as in terms of commercial success (performance, economic benefits, etc.). It is a remarkable tool for our customers, a showcase for MÄDER's know-how and our vision of Design as a creative element in industrial production at the same time.

The Collaborative Collection 2019, with people at the heart of MÄDER's DNA, highlighted collaborative work both internally (through the expertise and knowledge of our colorists) and externally, through sets resulting from the intersection of technologies.

The Collaborative Collection 2020, based on this same desire of pursuing our collaborative approach, aims to offer our customers a creative vision of the different technical possibilities and effects that result from the combination of paints and processes, while at the same time being a source of mutual enrichment for our teams and our industrial partners.