NUVORAD®, a global and innovative concept

Mäder Composites new patented range of products are developed to cure under light source. They are curable with UV lamps, LED and also with black lights.

Topcoats, gelcoats, resins and additives based on UP resins are already available, further products are in test stage.

The polymerization speed is highly increased (curing is immediate for LED or UV lamps and strongly accelerated for blackligths) leading to the two main advantages:

  • Productivity is highly improved
  • Less styrene emission due to the faster closing of the surfaces

These new systems are easy to handle, and especially blacklights. With our solutions adapted to this light source, investment is low and there is no critical change in the process. It's suitable for everybody and all kind of workshops.


With this new solution (process + products), 3D parts are easily and quickly produced (curing time: 1-2 minutes instead of 20-30 minutes for a gelcoat and few dozen minutes instead of hours for a glass reinforced resin). 

With the same resin, a comparison has been made between light cured laminate and standard cured ones. Quality of the final composite is equivalent. Final properties of the light cured products are the same as the ones obtained with a standard curing but it cures much faster.

As these new solutions are extremely versatile (different part shapes, thickness, construction,…) and adaptable according to customer requirements, it could be interesting for a wide range of applications.

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