Focus on Metallization Technologies

MÄDER is a long term partner in the field of coatings for Vacuum Metallization and is offering solutions since 60 years. We are covering the increasing demand for premium surfaces and increasing environmental thinking by offering not just standard solvent-based coatings.

MÄDER has developed a wide range of energy and VOC efficient 100% solid content or very high solid content UV coatings which will be used as primer on various substrates like Plastic (PC, PC-ABS, PA, PP), Glass or also metals, as well as topcoats.

MÄDER coatings can be used on various Vacuum Metallized metal layers and can be matted or colored to create unique and colorful surfaces and meet the specifications of the Cosmetic Packaging market as well as of the Consumer Electronics and Automotive industries.

Benefits of Metallization Technologies

  • Environmental friendly as no chemicals are used in the Vacuum Metallization process
  • Premium surfaces
  • Very accurate reproductibility of colors
  • Many colors possibilities by the adjunction of metals and coatings
  • Very good chemical and scratch resistance
  • Excellent adhesion on various substrate
  • Fast process cycles by using UV coatings

Material Safety
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