26 July 2021

Designing sustainable products, how and why?

Aware of the environmental challenges and the need to promote the circular economy in industrial processes, MÄDER, represented by Corinne MOLINA, vice-president, took part in the Manufacturing Digital Innovation round table, to present its vision of #ecodesign, and its feedback on an ecodesigned solution with its customer partner ALSTOM, also present on the stage.

"Reduction of noise emissions, end-of-life behaviour of solutions at Alstom", "Reduction of particle emissions to protect the planet & people, product cycle & associated service at Mäder", "Extending the lifespan of a product at KATABA", "Serving engineers at Thales", ...Read the testimonies and feedback of the 4 participants in this round table dedicated to #ecodesign

Corinne MOLINA, Vice President of the Mäder Group, took part, alongside Véronique Andriès Core Competency Networks Director at Alstom, Marc Heude Ecodesign Engineering Manager at Thales, and finally Luc Monvoisin founder of KATABA.

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