17 April 2022

Flying Carpet Challenge

The Flying Carpet Challenge or the eco-responsible creative challenge of the Mäder DesignLab

Ever more inventive, our team of designers has more than one trick up its sleeve to give our sector a fresh wind and help us approach it more creatively. Let's take a look at its latest initiative involving designers, employees, industrial partners and customers: the Flying Carpet Challenge.

The concept?
Initiated in 2021 following the Earth Day Challenge - an internal challenge that invited you to think about circular and responsible ideas for our group and that greatly inspired the ë-volve 2025 strategy - the Flying Carpet Challenge is an eco-responsible and creative challenge that consists of reusing samples developed by our designers to respond to CMF briefs by transforming them into real works of art!

A way to add value to some of our waste and bring a little color and inventiveness back into our professional lives.

Automotive customers, designers, industrial partners, Mäderians, families, friends, artists or not... everyone who wanted to could work on these unused samples and turn them into creative projects that inspire them.

After the long and difficult period of COVID 19 and the complex adaptation phase that followed it, this challenge appeared like a breath of fresh air. A way to look at our jobs with optimism and to reconnect.