21 September 2022

Focus on a talented career - Anthony Friquet

At Mäder, we are convinced that the strength of our Group comes from the men and women who make it up. This is why we encourage professional mobility and are committed to ensuring a satisfying professional environment. Today, let's meet Anthony Friquet, Laboratory Technician and Production Support Manager at L'Aigle.


Can you introduce yourself ?

I am 38 years old, the father of three boys named Timéo, Nolan and Rafaël, who are 14, 12 and 5 years old respectively. I am originally from L'Aigle, a town where I still live today. I am a very involved, responsive person with a lot of moral values. I am naturally curious and interested in many different things, including computers, cooking, music, cinema, video games, DIY and above all, I like to joke around.

What is your background at Mäder?

I have a rather atypical background, because after obtaining diplomas in Maintenance on automated machines and then in  Bio Processing Industry (Food and Pharmaceutical), I joined Mäder in 2005 in the research and development laboratory in  L'Aigle as an assistant chemist. During my first years, I mainly worked in the development of paints for the High  Temperature and Aeronautics sectors, which enabled me to discover the industrialization of products and to participate in  customer trials in very different sectors. Thereafter I became Technician-Chemist, I was able to participate in several  studies in various sectors such as glass, boating, ACE, ... In 2016, in addition to my work as a technician I became Support- Production Manager for the laboratory of Aigle, I work in collaboration with production and methods on the management of  raw materials that arrive in expiration, recycling of non-compliant or expired paints, modification of formula and cartridge  control and replacement of raw materials. Since 2019 I have taken over the development of high temperature coatings,  thanks to my experience I have been able to acquire a certain know-how that allows me today to avoid certain pitfalls  specific to this sector. My experience in industrialization and customer application methods also allows me to take into  account a certain number of parameters when developing a new paint.


What do you like in your work ?

In my job I particularly appreciate the diversity of the tasks that I am entrusted with (in 17 years I have never experienced  monotony) as well as having the constant sensation of discovering and learning new things. I also appreciate the sharing of  knowledge with the different laboratories within the Mäder Group.


What are your challenges for tomorrow? 

The world, and more precisely the chemical industry, is constantly evolving, and climate and economic issues will  undeniably accentuate this evolution. As a formulator, I think that we have an important role to play in the coming years,  imagining coatings that are more respectful of the environment with applications that require less energy will be among our  main challenges.