14 February 2022

La fabrique de l'industrie

The industry in the face of the crisis. Weakened but resilient companies.

Sonia Bellit, Charlène Belma

La Fabrique de l'industrie is an independent think tank, a platform for reflection on the outlook for industry in France and internationally. On a regular basis, La Fabrique publishes notes on current issues affecting the sector.

Their latest note looks at how industrial companies have been affected by the unprecedented health crisis we are experiencing and studies how companies have adapted in a hurry to this new environment and the organizational changes that have ensued.

La Fabrique relied on a vast survey conducted with KPMG France among 900 companies and on hearings of industrial leaders to carry it out, including Mäder and our CEO, Antonio Molina. He was thus able to raise the issues of partial activities and raw material supply, which have been major challenges in this crisis. 

This book provides an overview of the health crisis, its temporary or lasting effects on the French industrial fabric and the responses that have been made (partial activities, solidarity funds, etc.), with the result that working, production and supply methods have been disrupted.

Consult the link L’industrie à l’épreuve de la crise - La Fabrique de l’industrie (la-fabrique.fr)