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Laura, R&D Engineer

What is your background?

Based at the Villeneuve d'Ascq plant (59), I have been an R&D engineer at Mäder since January 2020. I was not unfamiliar with Mäder, since I did my end-of-studies internship in the chemical engineering cycle within the group in 2013, where I had the opportunity to learn the basics of painting and to find my way. Moreover, this internship gave me the opportunity to do my thesis on the eco-designed drying of bio-based alkyd resins in partnership with Mäder. Following my thesis defense in 2016, I did a post-doctorate in the United States, at the National Institute of Standards and Technology, where I studied the fire behaviour of paints for the protection of wood materials for outdoor applications. This gave me a broad base in the field of paints and project management.

What do you like about your job?

From the very first weeks, I felt the great diversity that my job would bring me. I was positioned on various challenging projects combining administrative work (project management, team and supplier meetings, etc.) and laboratory work on paint formulation, all in a good atmosphere! I enjoy learning every day, in a field where innovation is essential!


What are your challenges for tomorrow?

My main aim is obviously to fulfil my research and development missions on my various projects, while keeping a critical mind on my work in order to improve my project and human management skills every day. Moreover, getting involved in new innovative projects will always be a source of motivation, to acquire more and more solid foundations in the field of coatings.