Our application


Conventional coatings

- Solventborne and waterborne

- Basecoats & topcoats with post-decoration properties

- Compatible with existing and new printing technologies (digital print)

UV coatings

- 100%-solid system (no VOC) or solventborne

- Excellent barrier and low-migration properties

- Strong adhesion and post-decoration features

Functional coatings

- Anti-fingerprint

- Scratch resistance

- Special properties


MÄDER DesignLab

Stimulating creativity, supporting inspiration, advising, formulating, iterating and refining developments for our customers' projects are the key objectives of the MÄDER DesignLab.

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Chrome Aspect

Every day, designers are moving more and more towards metallic effects ranging from matte to glossy, aiming to create a mirror effect.

The Mäder Group offers a wide range of "chrome effect" paints with matt, glossy and satin finishes, which aesthetically enhance the painted parts and meet the technical and economic requirements of the market.


In order to enhance the value of plastic materials, today we seek to avoid sensations like cold, hardness, roughness, and instead to establish a sensory relationship with the object.

The Mäder Group offers a wide range of "Soft-Touch" paints in perfect harmony with the desired aesthetic criteria and the requirements of increasingly strict specifications.

Upgrade your automotive decoration with our Chameleon product

1 paint system and multiple aspects & skills

  • Mat interference effect
  • Satin & fine metallic
  • Sparked & high gloss metallic
  • Anodized
  • Hot stamping
  • Laser etching

Inspired by nature, Mäder teams has developed a "Chameleon product" that perfectly meets the needs of EMOTION, ENVIRONMENTAL COMPLIANCE, COMPETITIVENESS of the Automotive Industry.

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