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Our coating

Mäder develop a large range of coatings for various substrates meeting the most stringent specifications for indoor & outdoor usage.

  • METAL             Conventional coatings & pre-coated metal (coil coating)
  • PLASTIC          Conventional & UV-curable coatings
  • GLASS             Decorative back-paint
  • CONCRETE     Flooring paints & resins

Focus on

Coil coating

A large range of multi-functional coatings for pre-coated metals, designed to withstand the toughest indoor and outdoor conditions.

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Flat glass coating

Mäder has a strong expertise in coatings for decorative lacquered glass for building materials and furniture.

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Heat resistant coating

Mäder has a strong experience in heat resistant coatings for heating equipment such as stoves & fireplaces.

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Gelcoats and flame retardant resins according to EN13501

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